PUSD New Email Service

Post date: Oct 24, 2012 2:38:0 AM

The FirstClass email system used by the Pleasanton Unified School District went down last week. A critical piece of hardware experienced a hard failure. Data recovery specialists continue to work on the hardware.

Given the most recent update from the data recovery specialists, we have chosen to move away from the current email system. The District’s original plan was to migrate our FirstClass email system to Google Email after the start of the new calendar year. This event has presented us with the opportunity to move to Google email on a shortened timeline.

Effective Monday, October 22, 2012, our District is transitioning to the Google hosted email service with the domain name: pleasantonusd.net. Our Technology Team has set up all employees with a District Gmail account. If the previous contact for Jane Doe was jdoe@pleasanton.k12.ca.us, it will now be jdoe@pleasantonusd.net.

In addition, our Technology Team will route email from the pleasanton.k12.ca.us domain name to the pleasantonusd.net domain name. In other words, any and all email messages sent by parents or the public to a pleasanton.k12.ca.us email address will be automatically routed to that employee’s new pleasantonusd.net email address.

Please note that given the immediacy of these changes, it may take some time for our employees to become acclimated to the new email system. If you have contacted a teacher or administrator via email and have not received a timely response, please contact that person by phone. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the school office (426-4230) or the district office (462-5500) by phone. We appreciate your patience during this time.