Parking Lot & Drop Off

When you pass the Staff Only Parking Lot entrance, please pull forward to spot #1, or, if spot #1 is taken, then spot #2, and so forth.  Much like a roller coaster loading station, 6 cars enter spots 1-6.  Children exit their cars at the same time that people cross on the crosswalk.  After people have crossed, all cars should be ready to depart together so the next group of 6 can pull up.  (At spot 4, please pull over the speed bump and stop before the crosswalk.)

Tips for a good drop off:

1. Move to the far right lane  as soon as possible if dropping off or picking up kids.  

2. Avoid cutting across lanes to get to the curb.

3. Stay in your car.  If your child needs help, we are ready to assist.

4. Put all bags, water bottles, lunch boxes and band instruments next to your student.

5. If you need to assist your child to the curb or to their classroom use the parking lot to park.

Please remember that although your child is safely inside the school or in the vehicle, many other students are still walking around and cautious driving is needed at all times. We will be monitoring these procedures to evaluate their effectiveness in reducing traffic congestion while ensuring optimum safety for our students. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please drive safely!


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SPANISH Parkign Lot Procedures