Multi-Cultural Fair

May 17, 2019

5:30pm - 8:30pm

Valley View's PTA and ELL invite you to participate in this school-wide event. Treat your family to multi-cultural performances by many of our classes, cultural exhibits from around the world, class-made projects for auction and many delicious meals for purchase!

Valley View Elementary SchoolWorld Kids Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

    Multicultural Fair 2019

Friday, May 18th

5:30PM – 8:30PM

Sponsored by VV PTA



    Buy your food tickets before the event!   

Tickets available online until Tuesday, May 13th



Tickets sales in front of school and at office available on  

Wed.,  May 8th & 15th and Fri., May 17th

PRE-SALE $1/ticket                                           At the DOOR                              

        Save time/No Lines                                           $1/ticket Long Lines!           

Delicious Menu

$7 EACH: Tamales plate (w/rice & beans)   

Pozole bowl   

Tostadas plate (chicken or tinga)

$8 EACH: Mediterranean Plate (Grilled Chicken or Vegetable)        

$4 small or $5 large Cool Beads Ice Cream

$2 Pizza, Soda,  

$1 Ice cream bars, Water

World Kids Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Feria Multicultural

            Escuela Valley View                       

                                             Sponsored by Valley View PTA                                                   

    El viernes, el 17 de mayo   

      5:30PM – 8:30PM   


 ¡Evite filas largas el dia del evento y compre sus boletos de comida antes de la Feria Multicultural!           

Boletos disponibles en línea hasta el Lunes, 14 de mayo en:   

         Y habrá boletos a la venta el 8, 15 y 17 de mayo

enfrente de la escuela. También hay formas impresas en la oficina de la escuela.  

Menú Delicioso

$7 cada uno: Plato de Tamales  (rice & beans),  

Plato de Tostadas(chicken and tinga) y

Plato hondo de Pozole    

$ 7 Plato de comida Mediterránea (pollo o vegetales)

$4 y $5 Helado (Cool Beads)           

$2 Fruta Fresca, Arroz con leche, Aguas Frescas,

Pizza, Soda, Agua  

$1 Paletas de hielo

There are many opportunities and needs for Volunteers!
Please sign up via: