Game Booths

Set-Up - We are asking that booths are set up right after school this year (3:00). The game booth coordinators will be in charge of this.

Shifts - We are hoping to get enough high school volunteers to man the booths again this year (please help recruit those teens!) in which case parents will not need to work shifts. We do still need a coordinator to meet the volunteers at the booth at 5:30pm to explain what to do. We also need some booth coordinators who are committed to check on their booth throughout the night to make sure their volunteer has everything they need and doesn't have questions.

****In the event we don't get enough teen volunteers, we will do a call for parent shift workers.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Clean up - Booth volunteers will be responsible for packing up their booths at the end of the evening.


K - Gastelumendi "Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss" - Kids will toss beans bags though the cut-outs in the wood Jack-O-Lantern. Draw a chalk line where kids should stand. A closer one for younger kids, a farther one for older kids. Each kid gets 3-5 bean bags depending how fast the line is moving. All players win a prize.
Supplies Needed: Booth Sign, Jack-O-Lantern Cut-Out, Bean Bags, (1) 4' table with tablecloth for Prizes, (All items will be provided to your class, and you need to get the Jack-O-Lantern, I think it's in the Kinder shed). Booth will be set up in Courtyard, map to come later.

K - Lacey "Dino Dig"Plastic eggs filled with dinosaurs are buried in the sand.  1-2 kids at a time will be blind-folded and allowed to dig for an egg.  Kids get to keep the treasure inside, but return the egg to be reused. Periodically refill the eggs and bury.  
Supplies Needed:  Booth Sign, Sand Table from Kinder Room (Wenstrand?), Eggs, Dinosaurs, Blindfolds, (1) 4' table with tablecloth for Prizes (all items will be provided to your class).  Booth will be set up in Courtyard, map to come later.
K - Soppet "Apple Fishing" - Similar to bobbing for apples, except with a fishing pole. Kids will take a turn using a fishing pole with a funnel attached to a string on the end. They need to keep their hands below the line on the pole. Please set up 2 stations to help with lines.
Supplies Needed: Booth Sign, (2) Big Rubber Tubs, 2 fishing poles, (12) Small apples - 6 for each tub, (1) 4' table with tablecloth for Prizes(All items will be provided to your class, except you need to purchase the apples). Booth will be set up in Courtyard, map to come later.

K - Wenstrand "Space Race" - The course should be set up for 2 cars to race each other. Flags will make a 3-sided box. There will be a start line. Whistle to start the race. Kids will race each other sby going down and turning around the cone at the end of the track, NOT USING THEIR FEET! First one back wins a prize.
Supplies Needed: Space Race Sign, 2 plasma cars, Flag garland, 6 tall orange cones to set up the outside of the course and string flags, 2 small cones for the cars to circle, Chalk to draw course, Whistle, (1) 4' table with tablecloth for Prizes. (All items will be provided to your class, you need to hunt down the cones, chalk & a whistle). Booth will be set up in Kinder playground, map to come later.

1st - Carnahan "Giant Twister - 10-15 kids can participate at a time (you'll have to use trial and error to see what works). You will play a round, but not necessarily to get to one winner as that can take a long time. You can just announce when the time is up and move in a new group of kids. One person will spin the board and call the position into a megaphone. Another person will be calling kids out who lift their limbs off the mat or fall. 
Supplies Needed: Twister Sign, Twister Mat, Twister Board, easel to hold Twister Board, Megaphone. You will need to hunt down a VV megaphone and (1) 4' table with tablecloth for prizes.  Booth will be set up in Kinder Playground.

1st - Chiok "Tattoos" - This booth will be applying temporary tattoos to the kids. 
Supplies Needed: Tattoo Sign, Table, chairs, black cloth tablecloth, Tattoos, Water, Washcloths, Rubbing alcohol for removal if needed, Cotton balls.  We will provide your class with the tattoos and booth sign. Booth will be set up in courtyard, map to come later.

1st - Coberly "Chicken Chuck'n" - Kids will line up to get a turn chucking rubber chickens!  Each turn gets 3 chickens.  The barrel should be placed about 40 ft away from the line the kids stand at.   Those that chuck the chicken IN the barrel win a little rubber chicken.  Everyone else gets a consolation prize.  
Supplies NeededChicken Chuck’n Sign, 5 rubber chickens, 1 barrel (found in teachers lounge), Sign for Barrel (Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! - attach with thumb tacks), (1) 4' table with tablecloth for Prizes.  (All items will be provided to your class, and you need to get the barrel).  Booth will be set up in Courtyard, map to come later.

1st - Gunn "Craft Room" In charge of set up & showing volunteers how to run the craft room.  Craft projects have been ordered and will be delivered to your class.  We have two projects (foam frame decorated with fall leaves & foam bookmark decorated with fall leaves).
Supplies Needed: Craft Room Sign, skinny sharpies for putting names on crafts. Craft room will be set up in science lab.  More info to come.   (You need to provide sharpies)

1st - Martinez "Spill the Milk" Children are given three rubber baseballs to throw per game. Kids win a prize if they knock any of the milk bottles over. Before the carnival, test the baseball throw for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines or hula hoops for different age children using sidewalk chalk, tape or hula hoops.
Supplies Needed: Rubber Baseballs, (1) 4' table with tablecloth for prizes, (2) 30" x 30" tables with table clothsOne Pound Aluminum Milk Bottles, Canvas Backstop, Sidewalk Chalk or hula hoops, Carnival Prizes. (All items will be provided to your class, except you need to provide chalk). Booth will be set up in Kinder playground, with canvas draped over fence by front of school.

1st - Riddle "Angry Birds" - Children are given 3 plush birds to launch at those pesky pigs!  Kids will win a prize if they knock any of the wooden supports or pigs.  Before the carnival, test the launcher for difficulty.
Supplies Needed: Angry Birds Sign, Launcher, Plush Birds, Plush Pigs, Cardboard "wooden blocks", 1 6' table and 1 4' table, Carnival prizes.

3rd - Avalos/Douwes/Myers/Raust "Cake Walk" - Your coordinators will be contacting you with instructions

5th - Dehl/Jimenez/Sadler/Weaver "Haunted House" - Your coordinators will be contacting you for your help.

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