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FUN RUN 2017 Results

The Fun Run Committee would again like to thank our generous sponsors, parent volunteers, teachers and the following individuals who went above and beyond to make this event a success: Katlyn Haus, Sally Richards, Stephanie MacKirdy, Nicole Burleson, Kirsten Cash, Michelle Morley, Sulatha Dwarakanath, Stacey Arguello, Tara Fairchild, Erwin Ricafrente, David Rebello, Andrew Ochoa, Brittney De La Torre, Monica Helms, Leslie Ziegler, Erin Murphy, and Amber Ross. Thank you!!

WE DID IT!! Valley View surpassed it's school wide fundraising goal by raising more than $40,000! As of end of the school day last Thursday, Oct. 6th, VV had raised $44,014.71, and we know that number is now even higher as money has continued to come in this week!

On Friday, Oct. 7th we held a school wide spirit assembly in which we celebrated and announced our many winners. Congratulations to the following classes and individual students:

Highest Class Participation:  Douwes

Top Runners per Grade:

Grade level

Top Girls

Top Boys

TK & Kindergarten

Gabriella Bermudez (Gastelumendi)

Reggie Bailey

Joaquin DeAnda

Kellan Hoberg

(all Gastelumendi)

1st grade

Hannah Cramer (Gunn)

Brayden Laidlaw (Stellar)

2nd grade

Cali Parker (Funes)

Paolo Casentini (Martinez)

3rd grade

Samantha Nissen (Douwes)

Elliot De La Torre (Caufield)

Nicolai Barron (Ruiz-Guiterrez)

4th grade

Ava Haviley (Perez)

Presley Cash (Zavala)

Kristina Lopez (Howell)

Brady MacIsaac (Howell)

Everett Wogsland (Zavala)

5th grade

Jana Barron (Jimenez)

Luca Abreu (Dehl)

Top Earners per Grade:

TK/K:  Reggie Bailey (Gastelumendi) 1st grade:  Alexander Coles (Coberly) 2nd grade: Morgan Adams(Nava) 3rd grade:  Amalie Ricafrente (Douwes) 4th grade: Clayton Kahl (Zavala)   
5th grade:  Gavin Haus (Sadler) *Top Earner for Entire School*

Top Earning Classes per Grade Level: TK/K:  Gastelumendi 3rd grade:  Douwes 1st grade:  Chiok 4th grade:  Zavala 2nd grade: Nava 5th grade:  Sadler

Spirit Award:  5th grade

Great job Valley View Mustang parents and students!!!