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Thank you to all Multicultural Fair volunteers

posted Jun 6, 2015, 1:09 PM by   [ updated Jun 6, 2015, 1:09 PM ]
The 2015 Multicultural Fair was a huge success! Lots of preparation and behind-the-scenes work goes into this event.

A huge Thank You to all of the parents and teachers who took the time to teach the dances and songs. Seeing kids’ focus and concentration, their smiles, while hips moving, is what truly makes this event so much fun, and a great way to end the year!

A special thanks to following parents who went above and beyond:
  • Isela Torre for helping organize this wonderful event. I appreciate her coordination and work with our ELAC parents to provide the delicious Mexican food and drinks, her enthusiasm and help with the cultural booths and decorations
  • Susane Head who co-chaired this event. I couldn’t have done it without her. You will do a great job next year.
  • Heather Koopman, Liliana Perdomo, Wendy Costanzo, Sally Richards, Monica Santiago for helping with after-school ticket sales
  • ELAC: Rocio L., Armida L., Claudia Z., Isabel J., Karina G., Elena O., Liliana (Lala) T., Hilaria C., Araceli M., Alesandra G., Alejandra C., Erica P., Erica G., Isabel L., Refugio S., Maria R., Fernanda V., Jared (VV Alumnus), Veronica S. for the their delicious homemade meals -- always a crowd favorite!
  • Monica Helms, Lori Wagerman, Erica McNerney, Jeanette Ricafrente, Tami Guerrero, Margo Rusin, Tim Buteau, Sandra Hansen, Shelby, Tara Fairchild, Gina Ouellette, Joanne, and the 5th grade class for decorating and setting up chairs, tables, and canopies
  • Alfredo Cantu, Heiburt Mees, Santiago for helping with the stage
  • Sam Head, Sander Head (VV Alumnus), Michelle Freschi, Kim Croddy, Stephanie MacKirdy, Jeanette Ricafrente, Doug Boedecker, Ellora Diehl and Jeff Richards for food services
  • All the 4th grade parents who worked the dessert, water, and book sale booths
  • Danica Hoberg, Wes Douwes, Rosemary Hosterman for ticket sales
  • Jeanette Ricafrente, Liliana Perdomo, Isela Torre, Jenifer Perazzo-Maina, Diana Robinson, Ting Meng, Catherine Ku, Rocio Arango, Andrea Olsen for the cultural booths
  • Tom Barker, Tom Manger, Sam Head, Amber Ross, Lennis Sadler, Heiburt Mees; Valley View Alumni: Sander Head, Robbie Perkins, and Matthew Krysler for clean-up .
  • Arguello, Eggers, Kerton, McGinnis, Olsen, Reyes, Richards, and Ricafrente families for lending us the canopies
  • A round of thanks to our Amador Valley High School leadership group and Emily Cabral and Mackenzie Riddle for organizing the volunteers who helped with the cultural booths and in the auction room, and Laurie Riddle for guiding them
  • Also thank you to the wonderful 5th graders who mc'd the event. Great job!!
  • A special thanks to our community donors: Blue Agave, New Leaf, and Casa Orozco, for their  generous donations of rice and beans, additional thanks to New Leaf for participating this year, giving out prizes and samples to all.
  • Todd Carnahan for picking up the rice and beans from Casa Orozco. 
  • Kung Fu Dragon USA  and  the Junction Avenue Middle School Mariachi Club for their wonderful performances,
I would also like to say thank you to a great and wonderful support staff we have at Valley View: Jim Rogers and Ryan Jones for sound system, Charlotte for helping with the set up and safety of the stage. Rosemary Hosterman  with tickets sales and Nancy Rae, Marla Cooper, and Mr. Cruz for all the behind-the-scenes help. Marla Cooper, Nancy Rae, Rosie Martinez, Lennis Sadler, Danielle Sweeney, Esperanza Jimenez, Jessica Dehl who surprised us with a great dance. Great Job ladies. You all still got it!!

It truly takes a village to run this event. Thanks to those who simply jumped in to help, apologies if I have missed anyone. I couldn't do this event and all other events without the wonderful volunteers and support.

Kelly Cantu
VP Activities