Meet the PTA

Introducing our 2020-2021 PTA Board Members:

Meredith Morgan is our Teacher Rep. Meredith is an English Only (EO) kindergarten teacher and has been Valley’s View’s teacher rep 4 times over the past 7 years. Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA related questions ~

Tracey McLean is our Parliamentarian. Tracey is Mom to Clark (3rd) and Grant (1st) in our Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program. She is originally from Pleasanton and moved back in large part because of her support for our fantastic public schools. She is a physician and loves to hike, bike, swim, and dance.  Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA Parliamentarian questions ~

Rebecca Troncoso is our VP of Communications. This is Rebecca's second year serving on the board. She served as Historian last year and started the school year that way, but took over as VP of Communications when that position became vacant. She has teaching experience and tries to use that to help where she can. She enjoys working with the Valley View community as a parent volunteer and substitute teacher. She has two sons in the DLI program, one entering second grade and the other entering third. Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA questions ~

DJ Vierra is our VP of Membership. DJ grew up in Oakland and has been a high school teacher for 15 years. DJ and his wife, Loren Reynolds, have lived in Pleasanton for almost 8 years. They have Domenico (entering 3rd) and Elena (entering 1st) in the DLI program which they have been very impressed with until Covid hit.  DJ decided to join the PTA because he is concerned about the future of all education, but particularly this awesome DLI program due to Covid and the move to distance learning. He hopes that he can help Valley View build something strong until we can safely have our kids back in classrooms with their wonderful teachers.  Please feel free to email him if you have any Membership questions ~

Jaime Mangiola is our VP of Fundraising. Jaime is Mom of Giana (9) 4th, Anthony (8) 3rd and Milena (6) 1st (all DLI). She has a background in Mechanical Engineering and had a risk management career in the Commercial Insurance Industry before dedicating herself full time to her family. Giana started the DLI program mid-year in Kindergarten, so she turned to the PTA for support and to gain knowledge of the inner workings of VV. After completing the School Smarts Program, she realized the direct impact of parent involvement on a student’s academic success. She decided to join the PTA Board as VP of Activities for the ’18-'19 and ’19-'20 school years to stay connected and be involved with the events both on and off campus. This school year, as VP of Fundraising, she looks forward to helping raise funds necessary to provide the best opportunities and fulfill the greatest needs of our student body.  Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA fundraising questions ~

Katy Gabbani is our VP of Activities. Katy and her husband Greg have three daughters; Harper, 7, who will be entering 2nd grade DLI, 4 year old, Rowan, and one year old Palmer. She is a 3rd grade teacher in Dublin, and entering into her 12th year of teaching. She also has a background in Educational technology leadership. When she had Rowan, she began working part time to dedicate more time to her family and to be more involved with Harper’s school functions. Being a teacher, she knows how important the support of the PTA is to teachers, students, and the community. It is important to her to offer that support to the Valley View community, so she decided to join the PTA this year. She hopes that she is able to bring her knowledge and experience to help enrich activities for VV. This school year, our activities will look different than in year’s past. Katy’s goal as VP of Activities is to create and implement safe and innovative events to make the school a welcoming place for students, families, and faculty to come and be a cohesive community. Please feel free to email Katy if you have any questions ~

Brian Ross is our Auditor. Believe it or not, this is Brian’s 8th year on the VV PTA. Brian started as Auditor back in 2012 when his oldest, Lindsay, was starting 1st grade in the DLI program. Fast forward to 2020 and his youngest, Natalie, will be in 5th grade, also in the DLI program. After rotating every other year from Treasurer, to Auditor, Brian is finishing his last year at Valley View as Auditor once again. Brian feels that being on the PTA Board is a way to stay connected to the school and to try his best, along with the rest of the wonderful PTA board members, to make every dollar that is entrusted to us make a difference in the lives of our children by making Valley View one of the best schools in Pleasanton! Please feel free to email Brian if you have any PTA questions ~

Joe McShane is our Financial Secretary. Joe grew up in suburban Chicago and attended the University of Illinois (GO ILLINI) to study chemical engineering. He got a joint master’s degree from UofI and the National University of Singapore, where he lived for a year prior to moving to Pleasanton. He currently works at Clorox, where he leads the R&D team for Clorox Wipes & the Scentiva brand of cleaning products. He and his wife, Samantha Niesen, have 3 children. Finn will be entering 2nd Grade DLI, Declan - K DLI, and Sloane (15 months) will be picking up Spanish from her brothers as she runs screaming and eating markers from chromebook to chromebook. Joe is on the board for a second term as Financial Secretary because he is passionate about education and wants to make a difference for Valley View and the PTA.  Please feel free to email him if you have any PTA finance questions ~ 

Kristen Hammes is our Treasurer. This is Kristen's second year as VVESPTA Treasurer.  Kristen's daughter, Madeline, is a second grader in the Dual Language Immersion Program. She is a science teacher at Pleasanton Middle School, so if you have older students, you may recognize her as one of their teachers. Kristen has little availability during the day to volunteer at Valley View, participating in PTA is an easy way for her to stay involved in Madeline’s school community. Please feel free to email Kristen if you have any PTA finance questions ~



Amy Zysk is our Secretary . Amy is Mom to Sawyer (Kinder) in the DLI Program. Amy grew up in the Northwest and moved to Pleasanton about 20 years ago for a job opportunity and never left. Amy currently works for research & development at Clorox leading the R&D Environmental Health and Safety and Pilot Plant Facility. Her husband Rob Seeley and she share a passion for having their daughter in DLI and are very impressed by how far she has come, even online, since the beginning of the school year. They have both signed up for Spanish classes themselves, and as of right now, the average 3rd grade DLI student is much more advanced. Go Mustangs! Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA Secretary questions ~

Felicia Douwes is our Executive Vice President. Felicia teaches 3rd grade at Valley View in the Dual Language Immersion program. Felicia has been on the PTA board for the past 6 years and was planning to pass the torch now that her son, Thatcher, is moving onto Pleasanton Middle. But, she was convinced to stay on by the amazing 2020-2021 board and she is happy to support them as the Executive Vice President. Please feel free to email her if you have any PTA questions ~


Jennifer Pranschke is our President. Jenn has a daughter, Isabella going into 4th grade and a son, Noah going into 2nd grade, both in the DLI program. She has attended PTA Association meetings since her daughter was in Kindergarten when she also completed the School Smarts program. Jenn took a role on the board in her family’s second year at Valley View (’18-'19) as school Historian. The following year ('19-'20) on the board she had the role of Vice President of Communication and PPIE Ambassador. This year she is taking on the role of President. Her goal is to establish and maintain a successful working relationship among Valley View’s parents, students, and community while supporting school improvement. She feels strongly about giving support to our teachers more than ever this year due to the challenges that will be faced with remote learning. Please feel free to email Jenn if you have any PTA questions ~