School Smarts

School Smarts is a parent engagement program designed to help you better understand the big picture of how the 
education system works and to feel empowered to help your child and school succeed.

What Parents Learn:

  • Session 1: Parent involvement — Parent’s role as their child’s first teacher and the types of parent involvement
  • Session 2: Preparing for a lifetime of learning — How children learn and the basics of college readiness
  • Session 3: Understanding our education system — The structure of the California public school system, including academic standards, testing and local school funding
  • Session 4: Understanding our school — How schools are governed and decisions are made
  • Session 5: Becoming an effective communicator — The importance of communication between families, schools and other audiences
  • Session 6: Standing up for quality education — Becoming a leader and advocate on behalf of your child and all children
  • Session 7: Taking action/Celebrating commitment — Creating personal and group action plans

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